The Problem

Heavy rainfall flushes debris as well as oil and gas leaked by cars and trucks into your city storm drain system. How can you prevent that polluted cocktail from emptying into your local watershed, water retention pond, waterway or ocean?

Your plant and equipment needs to be washed down. How can you recapture and reuse the large volume of water that will otherwise be polluted and wasted?

The Solution

At EcoSense™ Australia we pride ourselves in delivering cost effective EcoSense™ storm water filtration systems that deliver exceptional results. Our product line from EcoSense™ International addresses your environmental concerns and our eco-friendly practices allow you to address your compliance needs. Our solutions are effective, simple to implement and cost efficient so you can work within you existing budgets.

Our systems address:
  • Filtration of hydrocarbons from wastewater/runoff
  • Filtration of heavy metals from wastewater/runoff
  • Filtration of phosphates from wastewater/runoff
  • Debris catchers covering dust to drink containers
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